AD Fitness Nutrition

A practical and easy to digest run through on nutrition fundamentals. Designed by the AD Fitness team to help you sustain your results in the long term

Module 1 : Introduction to the basics

In module one you will learn the basic principles of energy balance, macros, and how to priorities what is important in your nutrition


Module 2 : The Hungry Brain

In Module 2 we look into some of the non-conscious drivers of weight gain such as hormones, satiety, and genetics. As well as how to work out your total daily energy expenditure.


Module 3 : The Practical implementation

In this module we will be going over how we can apply the lessons learned in modules 1 and 2 to our daily lives in order to elicit and maintain a desirable body compostion change.


Aidan Doherty


Aidan has spent year coaching 1000’s of client using transformational nutrition techniques. In this course Aidan walks your through basic and advanced nutritional topics