Minset Course

A practical and easy to digest run through on mindset and behaviour change with some very useful science based mindset exercises which will help you to build an iron mind!

Module 1 : Mindset Guide

In this module you will be given a mindset exercise book to complete. This ebook will run you through science based exercises which have been demonstrated to change behaviors and re-orient your thinking.

Module 2 : IF-THIS-THEN Strategy

In Module 2 we will begin to utilise a strategy used all over the planet by sport psychologists to extract the potential from elite athletes.

Quieting the Mind: Leading the Contemplative Life

Here you will be gifted a months free access to the waking up app. Through the waking up course you will be guided through the practices of mindfulness meditation.

Aidan Doherty


Aidan has spent years coaching 1000’s of clients using transformational nutrition techniques. In this course Aidan walks you through valuable mindset and goal setting techniques.