Danielle Collins

“Before I started with Aidan I had been the heaviest I ever was in my life—as a dancer and an athlete most of my life I was always slim.  When I was battling addiction I was scary thin so being like this, it was hard for me. I battled every week to the gym, some weeks my mental health was good, and some it was really bad and I didn’t want to go. Aidan was the best support, always encouraging me, always giving me pep talks to not let my head win. Each session with Aidan was different and he really puts his time in studying and finding new ways to help you. My Body started to change, I could look in the mirror again and feel good about what was looking back. I was happy, I was motivated, I had energy, and I actually wanted to go to the gym—it was a second home. I have never felt as happy physically or mentally than the time I had with Aidan, my personal trainer and part time therapist. I have stopped recently and I have let myself slip, but I know that a few weeks back with Aidan at the gym my mentality will change and even if my body hasn’t changed much I’ll see something different in the mirror. Aidan’s way of training and encouragement impacts so much in your life and really makes you a better you.” ~ Danielle Collins


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