Dairmid Mackey

“I started training with Aidan in 2015, back then I was  1919 years old, weighed 9 stone, and hadn’t a clue about lifting weights. Our initial goal was for me to gain weight as I’m a hard gainer, Aidan was great at explaining the nutrition part of gaining weight and the sessions were heavy and helping a lot too. I immediately started to see a difference.  I went on holidays that year in good shape with good confidence which is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been to a few different PTs in my time and Aidan is completely different from the rest, he actually listens to what you want to do and isn’t just thinking about the money, he’s there to help. I’ve recently started a muscle camp with him and I am seeing a big difference already and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result because I know with his knowledge and sessions we will get the results we want” ~Dairmid Mackey


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