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Warning signs

Are you seeing the early warning signs of being overweight for the long term? Are you beginning to wonder if you’ll ever lose the weight? 

Low Motivation

You know what you should be doing, but you have no motivation. You start off brilliantly getting some great results, then after about 4 weeks you fall off the wagon, sound familiar?.

Nothing has worked

You’ve tried counting calories, fad diets, slimming groups, bodybuilding chicken and broccoli diets, personal training and keep fit classes, nothing has worked… You need to find a solution soon!

33% Off for Residents of NW Business Complex

Aidan Doherty

Owner at AD Fitness

We are here to tell you

It is not your fault


These problems are shared by most people.


In fact, 96% of people who lose weight regain it.


We teach hard working parents and business professionals to become the 4%.


If this sounds like exactly what you need hit the button below

small group

Personal Training

If you can relate to this, we have the solution. AD Fitness’ Small Group Personal Training teaches you in a few short steps how to turn that spiraling around! Our time tested method is used by coaches worldwide to dramatically and quickly turn people’s lives around.

In fact, if you start now you could be 10 – 14lbs down in 4 weeks!

Imagine what it would be like to walk past a mirror and actually feel happy with what you see, to finally feel good when buying a new outfit for a night out, or to not get anxious when your kids ask you to take them swimming. To feel confident in your skin at the next staff do. Imagine having a tool to deal with all the stresses of business and/or parenting 

Simplicity with our

3 step method

Using years of experience as a coach I’ve helped 1000s of people overcome cravings, manage their diet in a practical way, and transform their bodies. During this time I noticed something which troubled me, parents and business professional were by far the hardest working clientele I had, but they were being massively underserved by the fitness industry. This was one of the main drivers of my decision to leave the public gym I was working in and open my own personal training studio.

Simplicity & Education

You’ll be shocked by how this tasty and delicious approach to diet can actually work to deliver weight loss. We don’t just tell you what to do, we teach you how to do it for yourself, giving you the tools to change your body!


Gyms are a dime a dozen, as busy professional you know how important accountability is! We are as committed to your goals as you are and will be on your back 24/7. A win for you is a win for us!


Become part of a supportive community who are on the same journey as you and love to cheer you on. You’re not alone, you’ll be supported by a team of qualified personal trainers trained to end your dependence on food and how to transform your body!

Dont take our word for it!

Daynah Taggart 

Product Owner elemental software

Listen to what our members say

Aisling Duddy

Year Head St Patrick’s Maghera

They do the talking for us!

Gerard Gormley


Pick the slots which work for you

Gym Schedule

Guarantee: If after 4 weeks you don’t feel like our programme is worth at least the money you invested in it… we will give you your money back.

Best case scenario: You love it and end up in the shape of your life for Christmas.

Worst case scenario: You get to train under personal trainers for 4 weeks for free.


what They’re Saying

About Small Group PT

“I’ve just completed a 12 week transformation and I am delighted with my results, all thanks to Aidan. The knowledge and passion Aidan has for his job is unlimited. He is very professional and the time and effort Aidan puts into what he does goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend Aidan for anyone looking for a PT, thanks again Aidan.”

George Doherty

“The best PT about. I’ve been with ADFitness from the start of February and I absolutely love it. Since the current circumstances this has been moved online and it’s actually the main reason why I was in routine during lockdown. I am also in better shape now than I was before the lockdown, thanks to Aidan & Ryan keeping me motivated through it all! 5 Stars!”

Georgina Breslin

“I started working with Aidan outside the gym before I started working with him inside the gym. He was already giving me advice, helping me with my diet, and—as I was training a bit myself—instructing me on what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I only thought I knew what I was doing until I started training with Aidan, every question or query I had was always answered in depth to—the point where he would start to not make sense (to normal people who don’t live in fitness books). Training in the gym is always hard work as you’re pushed to what he knows you are capable of but every second is enjoyable and no workout is ever the same. Aidan – gentle man & (kills me to say it) master of his trade.”

Conal Canning

What You Get

with our Small Group Personal training Package



3 x small group sessions per week (6ppl max)


9 x Large group sessions per week


Train under the guidance and supervision of an experienced coach



Bespoke diet plan


24hr reals time nutrition tracking


Access to our extensive library of done for you meals



Weekly and monthly body composition assessments


Access to our accountability software


Have our experienced coaching team oversee your journey and keep you on track



Access to our private online community


Build forever friendships in a close and intimate environment


Feel the love as you join a community of like-minded people who love nothing more than to cheer you on as you reach your goals



Access to a brand new state of the art private gym


Book your sessions at ease with your very own booking app


Access to our library of informative eBooks

Act Now

We only have capacity for 20 slots and these are likely to go very quick with our 33% off discount for NW Business Complex professionals. DO NOT DELAY to avoid missing out on this oppoptunity.


Our time tested small group personal training, which has produced countless weight loss transformations for parents and business professionals just like you, will not be available for long. Our system is used by dieticians and health coaches all over the world to create dramatic body and lifestyle transformations and we are offering it to you at 33% OFF. We only have 20 spaces available (maybe less by the time you are reading this). Buy now to avoid missing out!


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