Meet ADFintess member Georgina Breslin.

Georgina has the drive of 5 x ladies inside her and there are very few people who push themselves physically like she does. She puts 100% into every session and is an absolute pleasure to train. Georgina has found that perfect balance in which she works hard all week and still enjoys the pleasures in life. Don’t get me wrong, when the programme calls for restriced eating you best believe she can tangle with the best of them, but she has embraced what training should be about… having fun, getting healthier, and looking phenomenal.

Here is what she said about her journey…

“The best PT about. I’ve been with ADFitness from the start of February and I absolutely love it. Since the current circumstances this has been moved online and it’s actually the main reason why I was in routine during lockdown. I am also in better shape now than I was before the lockdown, thanks to Aidan & Ryan keeping me motivated through it all! 5 Stars!”

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