Ronan Flanagan

Ronan Flanagan Testimonial

Almost a year ago I came to Aidan in the hopes of developing new training methods and techniques, to increase my power and strength and reduce body fat whilst improving my diet and attitude to training. My physical health through a combination of increased resistance training, cardio and diet designed specifically for me by Aidan has increased massively. I am leaner, stronger and my technique, form and performace has improved as a result. Being more active and through his structured and personalised training my mentality to continuing a more healthy and active lifestyle is something I look forward to. Aidans professionalism and knowledge are paramount to why the service he provides is so effective along with a friendly and empathetic approach to your needs and personal goals whilst challenging you both physically and mentally. I would recommend Aidan with confidence to anyone who is serious about making changes to their lifestyle and training.

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