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Private Personal Training

AD Fitness is a private personal training studio which is not open to the pulic. THERE ARE NO WALK INS, only those who are part of our community can train here. We offer online training and small group personal training packages as opposed to gym memberships. This means that no longer do you have to sit in your car outside a gym feeling anxious about going in becuase here is your personal space to train comfortably.

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The Stronger Body Project

The Stronger Body Project teaches you to develop new behaviors to replace those self-destructive ones. Using a habit based approach to health and fitness allows us to enact long term change in our members. Get access to our private state of the arty facility..

Small Group Personal Training

All the perks of personal training, plus so much more. Small Group PT is at the heart of AD Fitness and we truely believe that it is the best way to tranform a person holistically. If you want to become fitter, healthier, and happier this is the programme for you.


Reach Your Potential

Our Ethos

Drawing on thousands of hours of experience on the gym floor and interactions dealing with people from all walks of life, we tailor programmes which can dramatically alter one’s well-being in a sustainable and evergreen way. Clients come to Ad Fitness with an 8/10/12 week goal and we provide them with the tools to foster a lifelong change. Using an evidence based and holistic approach to fitness AD Fitness changes, not only ones body, but the substrate layer which ultimately allows one to flourish and find meaning in the mundane!

Happiness, meaning, fitness, and health are the bulwark’s to regression and self destruction constructed through AD Fitness’s methods. An approach which allows one to avoid a pyrrhic 12 week journey and instead provide the tools to achieve a perennial lifestyle change.

Meet the Team

Aidan is the owner of AD Fitness and has spent well over 10 years in the industry. Drawing on 1000s of hours spent on the gym floor and having coached countless people from all walks of life Aidan believes in a holistic approach to health and fitness.

“From behaviors to nutrition, habits to exercise there is no one size fits all to method which can be transplanted from one person/group to another. True change, that is to say long term change, requires a personal and synergistic approach from both client and trainer, and that is exactly what I have bulit into the DNA of AD Fitness.”

Aidan Doherty

Coach Ryan has been involved in the fitness industry for over a decade and in this time has developed a fun and approachable style which is sympatico with AD Fitness’ ethos. Although Coach Ryan will push you beyond where you thought possible, his endearing and social approach makes anyone and everyone feel comfortable when they are exercising.

Although the role of a personal trainer is to ensure you reach your goals. My main characteristics as a personal trainer is to help educate and provide you with the skills to Continue with your fitness journey. I invest my time in each and every Client to show that positivity, consistency and self determination are the the key ingredients to getting you to a confident content place in your life

Ryan Dentith


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