Chest Superset

Chest Superset

In this video you’ll see me carry out a landmine Press and a single arm dumbbell press. Both are great chest exercises and both really get those core muscles activated!

Landmine Squat & Press

Great total body movement tying multiple compound exercises together. The exercise is best used as part of a HIIT or circuit style programme as it is a great calorie burner.

  • Lean into the bar so as not to fall over as you squat.
  • Perform the exercise slowly, eliminating momentum.


Lean Lj–Jri

3/4 Lateral Raise

Image of me performing a later raise

By performing the lateral raise in this way we can keep tension on the deltoids through out the exercise. This allows for greater muscle recruitment which translates to better hypertrophic gains.

  • Start from the hips
  • Keeps the tempo slow
  • Only come 3/4 of the way back down
  • Feel the burn

Bicep Curl (reciprocal inhibition)

Using Reciprocal Inhibition [squeezing the triceps] we can increase the stretch on the biceps at the bottom of the exercise. This gives us a better range of motion which allows for better muscle recruitment.

We do this by squeezing the triceps at full extension and allowing the bicep to stretch to full capacity before flexing again.

Keep the tempo slow and feel those bi’s burn.

Shoulder and Triceps Workout

Exercises featured
– OBB High Bhoy Rows
– Lateral Raise
– Bent Arm Lateral Raise
– Overhead DB Extension
– Skullcrusher
– lying DB Extension

Shoulder and Triceps Giant Set


Exercises Featured

– OBB Overhead Press
– Elevated Pike Press
– Bodyweight Skullcrushers
– Cable Pushdown

Chest, Bi’s and Core Workout

Exercises featured
DB Chest Press
BB Curls (21s)
Leg Raises
S/A DB Press
Twisting Press-up
Dragon Flag
DB Hammer Curls
Plate Curls
Cable Curls

Back Workout

Exercises Featured
– Rope Pull Up
– Adam West Rows
– Unilateral Stright Arm Pull Down
– Cable Row
– Close Grip Pull down ( dropset )
– Seated row

Upperbody Plate Workout

12 Minute Plate workout, primarily upper body with 30 second static holds between each exercise.

Pec Deck Technique

In the video you can see me carrying out the a chest fly on the pec deck machine. In the video I am using a rotation of the wrists and closing of the elbows in order to get a greater stimulus on the chest. This lead to more muscle recruitment, a greater overload, and a hell of a burn.

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