George’s Testimonial

“I’ve just completed a 12 week transformation and I am delighted with my results, all thanks to Aidan. The knowledge and passion Aidan has for his job is unlimited. He is very professional and the time and effort Aidan puts into what he does goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend Aidan for anyone looking for a PT, thanks again Aidan.” George Doherty

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Terry Ryan

“Aidan has introduced me to a new and improved lifestyle which has brought about radical changes in my life. The personal level of service is complimented by expert knowledge and a great deal of client-care—to say I couldn’t have wished for better would be an understatement. Aidan is an expert trainer and shattered the preconception I had that all PT’s were ex-army, money-grabbing sadistic bullies. But most importantly Aidan isn’t my personal trainer first, he’s my friend, life coach, therapist, hands down one of the most hard working and incredible guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to know.” ~Terry Ryan

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Danielle Collins

“Before I started with Aidan I had been the heaviest I ever was in my life—as a dancer and an athlete most of my life I was always slim.  When I was battling addiction I was scary thin so being like this, it was hard for me. I battled every week to the gym, some weeks my mental health was good, and some it was really bad and I didn’t want to go. Aidan was the best support, always encouraging me, always giving me pep talks to not let my head win. Each session with Aidan was different and he really puts his time in studying and finding new ways to help you. My Body started to change, I could look in the mirror again and feel good about what was looking back. I was happy, I was motivated, I had energy, and I actually wanted to go to the gym—it was a second home. I have never felt as happy physically or mentally than the time I had with Aidan, my personal trainer and part time therapist. I have stopped recently and I have let myself slip, but I know that a few weeks back with Aidan at the gym my mentality will change and even if my body hasn’t changed much I’ll see something different in the mirror. Aidan’s way of training and encouragement impacts so much in your life and really makes you a better you.” ~ Danielle Collins

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Sinead Breslin

“I have been training with Aidan for a while now and he is certainly up there with the best. He has amazing knowledge in fitness and nutrition. Every session is different and challenging.

I would definitely recommend him. Five stars from me.” ~ Sinéad Breslin

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Emma McGuinness

“I was just a few weeks pregnant when I started personal training with Aidan. I choose Aidan because of his knowledge and understanding of prenatal exercising. I felt comfortable and confident in my training as Aidan tailored my sessions to suit my needs. I maintained a healthy weight throughout my pregnancy and believe that my personal training experience along with keeping a balanced diet had a lot to do with it. Training throughout my pregnancy I believe had massively helped me through my labour and recovery.” ~ Emma Doherty

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Dairmid Mackey

“I started training with Aidan in 2015, back then I was  1919 years old, weighed 9 stone, and hadn’t a clue about lifting weights. Our initial goal was for me to gain weight as I’m a hard gainer, Aidan was great at explaining the nutrition part of gaining weight and the sessions were heavy and helping a lot too. I immediately started to see a difference.  I went on holidays that year in good shape with good confidence which is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been to a few different PTs in my time and Aidan is completely different from the rest, he actually listens to what you want to do and isn’t just thinking about the money, he’s there to help. I’ve recently started a muscle camp with him and I am seeing a big difference already and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result because I know with his knowledge and sessions we will get the results we want” ~Dairmid Mackey

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Maureen McCallion

“I have been training with Aidan now over 2 years—that alone is a testament in itself as I have never stuck at anything before. I have learnt so much in that time about my diet and how to avoid injury, I have lost 3 stone, and my body shape has completely changed. When I started training with Aidan I wouldn’t even go to the cinema or take my children swimming—I had zero confidence. Now I’m a completely different person and it has changed everything for me and for my family. Aidan has literally changed my life. He is the smartest person I know and a complete gentleman, I cannot recommend him enough.” ~ Maureen McCallion

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Conal Canning

“I started working with Aidan outside the gym before I started working with him inside the gym. He was already giving me advice, helping me with my diet, and—as I was training a bit myself—instructing me on what I should and shouldn’t be doing, I only thought I knew what I was doing until I started training with Aidan, every question or query I had was always answered in depth to—the point where he would start to not make sense (to normal people who don’t live in fitness books). Training in the gym is always hard work as you’re pushed to what he knows you are capable of but every second is enjoyable and no workout is ever the same.

Aidan – gentle man & (kills me to say it) master of his trade.” ~ Conal “Bubba” Canning

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Dearbhla Deery

“I decided to go to Aidan on a recommendation. I had been being good and dieting, joined slimming world and Weightwatchers numerous times and kept gaining weight, I didn’t know where I was going wrong. I was extremely anxious and nervous about going into the gym on my own but Aidan, from the get go, was so supportive, and has been every step of the way. Faced with weird health stuff, Aidan saw this as a challenge and created a help sheet with foods and supplements. I complain through every session but I’m always getting positive reinforcement from Aidan, I’ve learned lots about training and food and I’m never going to stop personal training. 3.5 stone down and many, many inches, I’ve one target smashed and no doubt about it, I will get to where I need to be” ~ Dearbhla Deery

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What is happiness and how important is it to you? The answer to this seems obvious at first, yet as we look closer we can see that the answer to this question is more illusive than one might think. The fact is, if we all had a clearly defined picture of what happiness means to us―we would all strive towards it.


How much happiness do you really want? So, I Imagine you, dear reader, now sit poised with eyebrows raised at such a silly question. When your eyebrows return from the top of your head, allow me to explain why the question is not silly, nor is the answer self-evident. Maximum happiness and maximum knowledge, whilst the two are not mutually exclusive, I would argue, the two interests are in a zero-sum contest; that is to say, we cannot have the maximum happiness and the maximum knowledge simultaneously. As we surely want both happiness and knowledge, this means we need to make a difficult decision, how much of each do we want in our lives?  Knowledge is necessarily burdensome―the more we know the more we understand how much we do not know. Idioms like “ignorance is bliss” suggest I’m not the first to recognise that as we attain more knowledge we also learn of the depths of the problems we face. The Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein people of low ability tend to overrate their competence, intelligence, and have an illusory sense of superiority―the fact that the majority of drivers rate themselves as better than average demonstrates this perfectly. If ignorance really is bliss and the most important thing in our lives is to be happy, then why waste our time on knowledge at all? Well, we recognise implicitly that happiness is not the be-all-and-end-all of our existence. House dogs―well treated― are the happiest creatures I can think of. A walk, some cuddles, a comfy spot to call their own, and they are in a perpetual state of happiness. They are not burdened by the knowledge of their own mortality and have everything done for them. Yet, is there anyone on the planet who would sincerely trade places with their furry friend? If there is, this person is likely not of sound mind! We recognise that a reduction in happiness is a price we are willing to pay in order to have the intelligence to appreciate a sonnet, or a symphony, a great work of art, literature, or a conversation. The trade-off between happiness and knowledge gives rise to experiences of awe and wonder. An inconvenient fact is that people who have children rate themselves as less happy than they were before they had kids, so why have them at all? It is because we recognise that, whilst we will endure the burden of child rearing, it is an experience which we ultimately want to have in our lives. We recognise that in spite of it being hard, and burdensome, and stressful that this experience is invaluable and to be without it can be tragic. Most would consider this experience to be their most meaningful despite the zero-sum relationship it has with happiness.


Is happiness, simply, a synonym for contentment? There are two people within your consciousness, each jostling for control of your actions―the current-self and the-reflective self. If we were asked, as we mindlessly browsed social media, how content and happy we felt in that moment, the current-self would perk up and we would say that we were indeed happy and content. However, at the end of our day, when we total up time spent on social media, if we were asked how happy or content we were throughout the day, the reflective-self would perk up and we would express regret for our time spent on social media because, reflectively, we see this as time wasted. Now, both of these versions of yourself have a purpose, the current-self needs to be appeased from time to time in order to stay sane and the reflective-self is working towards the big picture. However, your current self is only concerned about making you feel content and this contentment, usually, takes the form of cheap and easy pleasure. When we embark on a challenge, a new diet plan for example, our reflective-self understands that to maximise happiness you will need to make sacrifices which your current-self doesn’t want to make. Your reflective-self, generally, is the version of yourself which you need to take control of your actions, it does not bother about feeling content in the moment―it is concerned with long-term happiness.

My advice to you then is this. Figure out how happy you want to be, define it, and write down the long term goal which would have the maximum happiness payoff with the minimum knowledge loss to you. This may mean distancing yourself from things which you like in order to specialise in one domain. Let your reflective-self take control and strive towards achieving your personal definition of happiness. Be aware that at times you will not feel content, but take refuge in the fact that you know you are investing in a plan for long term happiness.

Written by Aidan Doherty

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